The Rana Plaza factory collapse created crisis for retailers and fashion brands worldwide. Would you have been prepared?

Crisis and incident readiness planning – supported by sophisticated, automated media monitoring — is the best way to get ahead of the news cycle, organize your responses, and practice with your team to maintain a state of readiness.

Is your organization ready for a crisis? Take this quiz to find out:

  1. Do you know what your CEO’s top one or two “lie awake at night” scenarios are?
  2. Do you have and use a process for anticipating a crisis or reputational incident?
  3. Do you have a process to monitor local and regional activities and publicity/media coverage?
  4. Do you monitor broadcast, print, and social media 24/7?
  5. Do you have an effective mechanism to alert you to a crisis or reputational incident directly or indirectly impacting your organization?
  6. Do you know when and how first responders contact your organization?
  7. Is there a first response process in place?
  8. Is there a second response process in place?
  9. Do you know who is on call to be notified in a crisis and are they media trained?
  10. Have you evaluated which region, district, business line or facility is more likely to have an incident and why?

If you answered no to one or more questions, your organization is not ready to face a crisis or reputational incident. Downloading our crisis management playbook is a good place to start your journey to crisis preparedness.

TVEyes offers a free crisis management playbook that demonstrates how broadcast media monitoring can help you to create the crisis-ready organization.  Download it today!









Today we announced that we’re formalizing a partnership with Italy’s PerVoice S.p.A. by forming a joint venture to build language models for the TVEyes Media Monitoring Suite as well as our data feed products. Having our own majority-owned “language foundry” will enable us to drive the development of new language models in direct response to market requirements. Our 80 percent ownership in the JV means that we can continue to serve government and military customers seeking U.S.-owned suppliers.

Since we started working with PerVoice two years ago, we’ve added six new languages to the TVEyes Media Monitoring Suite. We expect the pace to accelerate with the formation of the JV, as its sole purpose is to work closely with PerVoice technologists and linguists on the development of new language models. You can see the current list of markets and languages served by TVEyes here on our Website.

TVEyes Language Technology further cements our position as the undisputed leader in global broadcast media monitoring. We will continue to build new monitoring facilities around the globe where we see opportunity and in response to specific language / country requirements of our customer base.

You can read the news release here. 

If you’d like to speak with us about creating a language model for your country-specific application, please call sales at +1 203-254-3600 or



TVEyes and L'Eco della Stampa newsWe’re continuing to make good progress in our plan to “wire the world” with country-by-country expansion of direct selling of the TVEyes Media Monitoring Suite and partnerships with leading media monitors in important markets like Italy.  Today we announced that L’Eco della Stampa, the dominant media monitoring provider in Italy, will utilize TVEyes broadcast search infrastructure and Web user interface to enhance its service offering.  You can read the news release here.

A combination of proprietary and partner-supplied speech-to-text technologies enables TVEyes to provide highly accurate keyword-indexed transcripts of television and radio broadcasts within moments of airing, so you can search and be alerted to keywords and phrases of interest.

If you represent a media monitoring company and would like to add real-time and historical TV and radio monitoring and search for your market, in your native language, please contact us at or +1 203 254 3600 x100.

It’s a great pleasure to announce that we’ll soon be moving to new quarters, just down the road from our current offices in Fairfield, Connecticut.  As any visitor to our current offices has seen, we’ve grown out of the space – and then some!

As we move to the new building, we’ll more than double our seating capacity, with room to continue growing in place, and will add much-needed meeting and private office areas.  And we’re no longer tenants: We bought a building that offers the ability to expand into unused space and space currently occupied by tenants if necessary.  It should be a great home for our next leg of business expansion.

TVEyes News Offices Copyright 2013We’re especially excited about the result of our collaboration with Vincent-Burin Architects, an award winning and very creative architecture firm founded in 1999, based locally in Fairfield, Connecticut.

We asked Paulo Vincente for a few words about his firm and working on our headquarters project.  Here’s what he had to say:

“Vicente-Burin Architects acts as a full service design oriented firm with the goal of providing highly personalized attention to each of our projects. We are very excited to be working closely with TVEyes on its new headquarters building in Fairfield.  Our intent is to open up the space for a more contemporary layout with great light and flow for a comfortable and productive office environment. Our most recent schematic design provides generously sized work stations in various styles including open concept, private and sales offices; as well as a large collaborative conference area.”

Thanks to the hard work of our employees, the vision of our architects and the loyalty of our customers, we’ll be moving into our new offices later this year.  Perhaps the most important aspect is that we’ll be able to grow in place for the foreseeable future and expand our service, sales and development teams to continue building and supporting the leading broadcast media monitoring service.

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TVEyes Case Study - Fortune 500 Specialty RetailerWhen you manage media relations for a national retailer, every day presents opportunities and challenges.  The brand is always on the line; consumers and regulators expect perfection.  Local, regional and national media can have a positive or negative impact, and oftentimes coverage comes without warning.

The public relations specialist of a national specialty retailer tells of dissatisfaction with previous solutions and relief to find a more reliable media monitor during a free trial of TVEyes.  This case study is cloaked (anonymous) due to the company’s policy on endorsement, but faithfully represents the subject’s remarks during an interview (he is available as a pre-purchase reference).

Want to learn about media monitoring and its positive impact for Fortune 500 specialty retailer?  Get your copy below.

management tools media logo Switzerland broadcast intelligenceIn addition to the TVEyes Media Monitoring Suite, we also provide infrastructure and data for other firms that provide broadcast intelligence services. This enables our wholesale clients to leverage our investments in speech-to-text and on-the-fly translation, dramatically accelerating time to market and reducing costs. We offer API access to our global broadcast media database on very attractive terms; pricing is based on consumption and markets accessed.

management tools media of Switzerland selected TVEyes because of our ability to process all the languages broadcast in the country (French, Italian and German) and the ease of integrating our data with their systems via published APIs.

You can read more about the agreement in our news release. If you’d like to integrate broadcast media search, alert and monitoring with your application, please contact TVEyes sales at

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Case study in media monitoring TVEyes helps Sussex County DE stay on top of the news

Sussex County, Delaware is home to about 200,000 residents, and its one-man public affairs office is a busy place, to say the least.  Chip Guy, Communications Director for the County, tells about his department’s need to monitor broadcast TV and radio in real time, retrieve and report TV and radio coverage, and how media monitoring has grown in sophistication and importance to County officials.  Among the key points Mr. Guy makes in this detailed case study is the time savings that TVEyes enables.  “It has freed me to take on other tasks,” he says, “and as I go from crisis to crisis, it’s nice to know I have access to a service that is faithfully monitoring the media and taking a large load off my shoulders.”  To read the full case study, please click below.

Checklist to help you choose a media monitoring serviceAre you just beginning your search for a broadcast media monitoring service?  If so, our “Checklist for Broadcast Media Monitoring Services” is perfect for you.  It’s an unbiased list of the top 18 attributes to look for in a broadcast intelligence service; the items we’ve suggested you consider are based on the thousands of inquiries we handle every year for the TVEyes Media Monitoring Suite.

The checklist is free to download, and we hope you find it useful as you search for a broadcast media monitoring service.

TVEyes iPhone® TV and radio monitoring app search term watch list display

TVEyes iPhone® TV and radio monitoring app search term watch list display

We’re proud to announce the launch of the world’s first broadcast TV and radio monitoring and search app for the iPhone®. In fact, it’s the first smartphone app for broadcast search and monitoring on any platform. It’s free for all MMS subscribers, and provides access to the same content as your Web-based subscription.

Just download the app from the Apple® App Storesm and you’ll instantly have the unmatched power of TVEyes media monitoring everywhere you go.

Check out the great version 1.0 features:

  • Instant ad-hoc TV and radio search for any keyword or phrase
  • Display results from your MMS watch list
  • Play video and audio clips within moments of broadcast and from 30+ days of history
  • Transcripts included via closed caption or speech-to-text
  • Share clips by email (internal use only)
  • View trends in coverage, display results by day
  • US broadcast TV coverage for all 210 US DMAs, major cable and radio
  • International broadcast TV coverage for UK, Australia, Canada and China, as well as major markets in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East
  • Database continuously updated in real-time; 30+ days of history

All this and it’s just the 1.0 release! We plan to offer frequent updates to add to and enhance the function of the app. As you use it, please feel free to provide us feedback; the more we hear from you, the more TVEyes TV and Radio Broadcast Monitoring and Search for iPhone® can be enhanced to meet your needs. Thanks!

You can read our official news release on PR Newswire.

Download our app from the Apple® App Store.

Please call or email your account representative or send any suggestions to

To access TVEyes content, a subscription to MMS is required.  MMS is a professional service not intended for consumer use.

Apple, the Apple logo, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

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John Harrison, managing director of TVEyes Australia - media monitoringI’m John Harrison, and I am the managing director for TVEyes in Australia, responsible for bringing TVEyes’ state-of-the-art Media Monitoring Suite “down under.”  Australia has needed some fresh competition in the broadcast monitoring market for quite some time, and TVEyes is really going to shake things up.  We offer the most advanced, most economical and easiest-to-use means of monitoring television and radio broadcasts ever offered in Australia.

There are numerous aspects of the TVEyes model that customers will find very appealing when compared to what is available to them now.  For one thing, you always know what your monitoring costs will be with TVEyes.  There is no variable component to the pricing.  Why should you have to pay each time there is a match to one of the key words you are monitoring?   Even better, why should you ever have to chase down refunds for irrelevant material or erroneous hits?  With TVEyes you pay a fixed monthly fee per user for unlimited service.

Additionally, with TVEyes all video can be streamed instantly at no additional charge.  You will no longer have to make a decision on whether you want to pay more, often a lot more, to actually see a broadcast.  You just watch it.  Your company was mentioned on the evening news in a 30 second piece?  Watch it.  You don’t have to make the ridiculous decision to pay 50, 100 dollars or more just to see what a news summary was all about.  You just watch it.  Then you can distribute it to others in the business that may find it useful or interesting and get on with your life.  No extra charge.

If quickly knowing what was said in a broadcast is important, TVEyes can be set up for email alerts to hit your inbox within seconds of your key word being mentioned.  These can be viewed on your computer, iPad, iPhone, or any other mobile device wherever you are.  If instant alerts aren’t your thing, then you can receive daily or weekly alerts that include all hits for the period selected.  These can be included in a summary report or forwarded to colleagues for immediate viewing.  It probably goes without saying that there is no charge for email alerts!  But if you get too many emails already, then your TVEyes account can also be managed using our clean and intuitive web interface at a time of your choosing.

You get media statistics, ad hoc searches, the ability to edit clips, unlimited search term monitoring, and more with TVEyes.

TVEyes’ Media Monitoring Suite is so far ahead of what is currently being offered in Australia that functionality alone would make it a hit.  When you add in that it costs a lot less, it can’t be beat.

If you’d like to try TVEyes for Australia, just email us at – and stay tuned for more TVEyes news from and for Oz.  We’re just getting started.