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The Broadcast Monitoring Blog


TVEyes Broadcast Media Monitoring makes it easy to search TV & Radio and report on coverage, so you can be the well-informed workplace hero, while proving the value of your efforts. Watch the video to learn more. 


Okay, let’s say you’re a PR pro

and your client is Big Foot. You know, Sasquatch.

He wants to maintain the right mix of buzz and mystery

and you need a reliable way to show the fruits of your labor.

Introducing TVEyes, the easiest way to search, monitor, analyze and report on global TV and radio mentions.

Keep an eye on your coverage, industry topics—even competitors.

From local news…

to national talk shows…

to dramatic documentaries…

Plus, easy-to-set-up email notifications are a convenient way stay on top of every mention—as they happen.

So, no matter what kind of clients you have…

…you’ll know what’s being said about them on TV and radio, so you can exceed expectations and prove the value of your efforts.

TVEyes is a powerful tool for research…crisis management… even media training.

Clients will go wild knowing you’re helping them…

…put their best big foot forward, in all the right ways.


Free Trial of TVEyes.

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TVEyes makes it easy to search TV, report on results and prove the value of your efforts.With instant access to every domestic media market – local, regional, national – as well as unmatched global reach, TVEyes helps you pinpoint exactly the right clip instantly.  

TVEyes lets you:

  • Monitor and research coverage.
  • Develop strategy.
  • Report successes.
  • Contain a crisis. 
  • Media train executives. 

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