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How to Win Big in Your First 100 Days as Head of PR

Every new hire wants to make a good impression in the first 100 days. But for the new head of public relations, the stakes may be higher than just about any other executive position, except for the CEO. As the new “face” of the company, you need to work quickly to earn your spot as a trusted advisor and top communicator.

Smart executives won’t leave the first few weeks to chance. Instead, they’ll walk through the door knowing exactly how they will spend their first 100 days – and what they want to achieve.

In fact, creating a 100-day plan is the surest path to success. Such a roadmap will be especially helpful to a new PR executive, who will certainly have a much shorter ramp-up time for becoming the company expert. It’s not unusual for the new head of PR to be fielding media questions within hours of stepping into a new role. 

Every new head of PR should develop a plan that helps them meet early challenges and achieve top objectives. That’s why we’re pleased to offer a free eBook that will guide you in developing a roadmap for your first 100 days.

In the eBook, we cover how you can: 

  • Create internal influence. On the inside – just as you do with the media – you need to move fast to establish influence with your peers and earn the trust of your boss and CEO.
  • Establish processes. Because the news cycle isn’t going to wait for you to come up to speed, you have to get a handle on processes and tools immediately.
  • Partner with peers. To move initiatives forward, you must establish a network of internal partners who can help you overcome obstacles and move initiatives forward. 
  • Secure quick wins. You’ll want to prove your value early, so we provide tips and ideas for winning over the CEO with your media savvy.
  • Create the right impression. Your reputation among colleagues is built on your early actions. Our eBook explains how you can avoid the pitfalls. And for women, who often face additional hurdles, we share tips to navigate the path to a secure power base.

Download this free eBook today and learn how to build an effective roadmap to success in your first 100 days! 

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