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The Power of Broadcast TV Keyword Monitoring and TV Keyword Search

There’s no way to know for sure what’s going to be said when your company, CEO, brand, candidate, elected official, government agency or spokesperson is mentioned or appears on television. But you can know what was said, and watch and download the original TV clip as soon as it is broadcast, when you use a broadcast TV and radio monitoring and search service.

There are 210 U.S. DMAs (designated market areas) for television broadcasts in the United States. In each there are as many as six major and secondary network stations operating, plus independent stations, each of which might carry a mention or longer segment of import to you. According to the FCC, as of September 30, 2011, there were roughly 1,400 commercial broadcast TV stations in the U.S., plus nearly 50 national cable TV services; your future could depend on what is being said by or about you on any one of them.

Until recently, there was no easy way to track media mentions across all these stations in real-time; many media mentions would come as a surprise. TVEyes Media Monitoring Suite provides economical and fixed-cost Web-based access to unlimited alerts, searches and clip downloads for every major broadcaster, in all 210 U.S. DMAs as well as major cable TV news and entertainment channels.

When you add a keyword or phrase to your watch list, TVEyes continuously searches and creates linkable hit lists on an easy-to-navigate Web interface. TVEyes also can send you email alerts when your search terms are found on TV or radio broadcasts. You can further refine your watch list with complex terms to include or exclude results (such as excluding Tiger Woods from all results for the term “tiger”), as well as selecting only stations or markets relevant to you. TVEyes is available anywhere you can get to the Web, and with its watch list and email alerts, proactively watches the media for you 24/7/365.

You can search for keywords or phrases in a number of ways, including by date range, specific stations and markets. You also can see what was broadcast before and after a hit on your search term by paging backward or forward through the search results for your hits. TVEyes provides search for the last 90 days of television broadcasts for all 210 U.S. DMAs.

TVEyes provides the most international coverage of any broadcast media search and monitoring service. We provide search and monitoring for every U.K. television and radio station (terrestrial and satellite), as well as TV for Canada, Germany, France, Greece, Middle East, Australia and China. Where broadcasts are in a foreign language, TVEyes provides instant translation and search in English.

TVEyes also can be accessed and clips played on Apple iOS devices including iPad and iPhone, and Android handsets and tablets (as this post is written there is no other broadcast search and monitoring solution available on Apple iPhone or iPad).

While you can’t control what the media says about you, your company or client, you can know the moment a critical mention is aired and respond immediately as required.

For a free trial or more information about TVEyes Media Monitoring Suite, please call 203-254-3600 x100 or sales@tveyes.com. To learn more about broadcast media monitoring, request a demo by clicking the button below.

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