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TVEyes Broadcast TV Logo Detection Enters Final Phase of Development

Demonstration of TVEyes' new broadcast search capability during Capital One’s “The Match: Champions for Charity” shows ability to more accurately calculate sponsorship impact.

Brands sponsor live sports events and athletes to make an impression on desired audiences. Until now sponsors have had limited ability to measure the complete impact and value of the airtime these events and celebrities receive beyond an original live event broadcast. The TVEyes logo detection and reporting capability was demonstrated for Under Armour’s sponsorship of Tom Brady during his appearance at Capital One’s “The Match: Champions for Charity,” held on May 24, 2020.


Over the course of the broadcast, the Under Armour logo was detected 62 times on Brady from shirt to shoes. Nielsen reported that 5.8 million people watched the golf event live on TNT, TBS, Tru TV, and HLN. TVEyes also tracked the term “Tom Brady” in its Media Monitoring Service network of more than 2,200 stations worldwide for 48 hours after the event. On Sunday, “Tom Brady” was mentioned 1,800 times and on Monday there were more than 5,600 mentions. Each mention shows the accompanying video and most of these show Brady’s “shot of the match” and the Under Armour logo on his shirt.

“Event sponsors pay millions of dollars to have their logos appear on signage, shirts and jerseys, chyrons and elsewhere during a live sports event, but these investments could only be justified based on primary event coverage, since until today, it’s been impossible to know how follow-on coverage contributes to the complete media value of the sponsorship,” said David Ives, founder and CEO of TVEyes.

Because of Covid-19 restrictions, large crowds won’t return to live sports any time soon but sponsors still want to place their brands in appropriate settings. Knowing the complete value of logo appearances within all broadcast coverage will help sponsors make better decisions. “Tracking in-event logos and post-event coverage across TVEyes’ Sports Network and Media Monitoring Service delivers stakeholders including brands, agencies, properties, and media, much more comprehensive reporting and accurate valuation of sponsorship signage than any other solution,” concluded Ives.

TVEyes’ logo detection will detect, track, and measure TV-visible signage during a live event, as well as post-event across a network of the most important sports focused stations within minutes of airing

  • Deliverables include visual detections and metrics in near-real time, enabling users to track ROI as mentions are aired
  • Speed of metrics delivery creates opportunities to enhance and improve sponsorship signage in-season or game to game
  • Analyze past performance, track competitors, and compare signage placement
  • Your sponsorship is worth more than you know and TVEyes can prove it. Detecting and measuring TV-visible signage post-event through TVEyes’ industry leading network of broadcast and cable stations delivers the data you need to get a greater, more accurate sponsorship ROI.
“With live logo detection across our Sports Network and industry-leading Media Monitoring Service we're going way beyond detecting and evaluating sponsorship value during a game,” said Darci Greco, vice president, content intelligence sales. “With TVEyes Logo Detection we’re able to look across our network to detect, track, and quantify logos as event coverage is replayed on national and local TV, and national cable, well beyond the original broadcast. There's a huge amount of brand and sponsorship value that TVEyes finds and delivers that was previously lost into the ether.”

TVEyes is interested in working with a limited number of sponsorship stakeholders as development partners as we finalize product features.

Please email TVEyes at hello@tveyes.com​ to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

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