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TVEyes Forms Speech-to-Text Joint Venture with PerVoice to Enable Global Media Monitoring

Today we announced that we’re formalizing a partnership with Italy’s PerVoice S.p.A. by forming a joint venture to build language models for the TVEyes Media Monitoring Suite as well as our API products. Having our own majority-owned “language foundry” will enable us to drive the development of new language models in direct response to market requirements. Our 80 percent ownership in the JV means that we can continue to serve government and military customers seeking U.S.-owned suppliers.

Since we started working with PerVoice two years ago, we’ve added six new languages to the TVEyes Media Monitoring Suite. We expect the pace to accelerate with the formation of the JV, as its sole purpose is to work closely with PerVoice technologists and linguists on the development of new language models. You can see the current list of markets and languages served by TVEyes here on our Website.

TVEyes Language Technology further cements our position as the undisputed leader in global broadcast media monitoring. We will continue to build new monitoring facilities around the globe where we see opportunity and in response to specific language / country requirements of our customer base.

You can read the news release here. 

If you’d like to speak with us about creating a language model for your country-specific application, please call sales at +1 203-254-3600 or hello@tveyes.com

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