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TVEyes to Integrate PerVoice Audio-to-Text Technology with TVEyes’ Broadcast Monitoring Services

Today we announced our exclusive partnership with PerVoice, provider of the most technically advanced audio-to-text technology.

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TVEyes has integrated PerVoice’s technology into its broadcast monitoring platform. This allows real time monitoring delivering highly accurate transcripts covering the following languages: UK English, US English, German, Spanish, Italian and Arabic. Additionally Turkish and Russian languages are being added during the course of 2012. These languages will complement TVEyes’ existing use of French, Chinese and Greek audio-to-text software.

TVEyes chose to partner with PerVoice after a careful evaluation of audio and video search technologies. We were very impressed by PerVoice’s Audioma system. It achieves 95 percent-plus accuracy levels, far above any other competitive offering.  The benefit to our customers is increased translation accuracy and a wider range of languages from which we can reliably translate into English.

PerVoice’s Audioma system was developed using core research from the the Human Languages Unit of Bruno Kessler Foundation.

You can read the full text of the news release on BusinessWire at this link.

You can learn more about PerVoice at this link.


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